Frequently Asked Questions


If my school doesn't participate in SEFH can I participate on my own?

  • Even if your school does not participate in the science fair, you will need to find a teacher to sponsor you. Once you find a sponsor, the sponsor can contact us at to request that your school be added to Scienteer.

  • If you are home schooled, one of your parents will need to contact us at

If my school participates in SEFH, but I don't want to enter through my school, can I join SEFH directly?

  • No. You must register through your school.

How can my school sign up to participate in SEFH?

  • After choosing an individual to be the fair administrator for your school, contact us at to request that your school be added to Scienteer.

Is there a fee to register for SEFH?

  • Yes, each entry (either team or individual) requires a fee of $35.

Are teams still allowed in SEFH?

  • ​Yes, teams are still allowed. However, there is no longer a teams division. Team entries will be judged alongside individual entries.

What grades can participate in the science fair?

  • There are two divisions for the science fair: 1) The junior division is for 7th-8th grade, 2) The senior division is for 9th-12th grade.

Can teammates be in different grades?

  • Yes, teams from the Senior division may be composed of students from grades 9-12, and teams from the Junior dividion may be composed of students from grades 7-8.

When and where can I see SEFH winners? 

  • Winners will be announced at the award ceremony on Saturday, March 3. After the award ceremony, winners can be seen by following a link from the SEFH home page,

Where can I learn about the Intel International Science Engineering Fair (ISEF)?


How do I become a judge for SEFH?

  • Prospective judges may fill out the Place Award Judge Application located under the Judge Application Tab. 

Who can be a judge for SEFH?

  • Judges must have a bachelor degree (not necessarily specific to the category), but must have knowledge specific to the category for which they wish to be a judge.


What should I do if I can't get my students registered into Scienteer?


When is SRC approval needed for a research study?

  • An SRC must review and approve most projects involving human participants, vertebrate animals, and potentially hazardous biological agents. If a project involves the testing of a student designed invention, prototype or concept by a human, an IRB review and approval may be required prior to experimentation. See Human Participant Rules for details.