Dress Code & Expectations

Dress Code

Judges should be neatly dressed and groomed and are encouraged to wear badges and/or an article of clothing which identifies their place of employment or professional society.

NOTE: There are no child care facilities in the University of Houston Athletics/Alumni Center, and only judges are allowed in the exhibit area during judging periods.


  • As a volunteer judge SEFH is grateful for your time and investment in our future generation of students that present their scientific research. To ensure that due diligence is employed with the judging schedule the expectation is for judges to remain for the entire duration of the 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM time frame.
  • Judges must not attempt to learn the student's name, their school, or the name of their advisor as this information is displayed on appropriate documentation at the student's table such that alignment with the rules and guidelines of Intel ISEF are followed. Such information may be requested from the category coordinator after the judging is complete.
  • Judges are free to introduce themselves and identify their affiliation (in fact, the badge worn by each judge should contain this information), but the anonymity of the exhibitors must be preserved. If the circumstance arises that the judge may know the student we ask that you do not conduct the interview and inform your category judge coordinator.
  • Judges are encouraged to interact as little as possible in the exhibit area and to retire to the judging auditorium to discuss the projects (eager ears are listening to their conversations with other judges).
  • The official scoring sheets and other notes kept by judges should be concealed while in the exhibit area. After each judging phase, the scoring sheets and any notes taken by judges will be collected and destroyed.
  • All judging results are confidential and will be known only to the judges involved in the decision and the officials of the fair until they are publicly announced at the awards ceremony held on the day following the judging.