Frequently Asked Questions

If my school doesn’t participate in SEFH can I participate on my own?

Even if your school does not participate in the science fair, you will need to find a teacher to sponsor you. Once you find a sponsor, the sponsor can contact us at to request that your school be added to Scienteer. If you are home schooled, one of your parents will need to contact us at

If my school participates in SEFH, but I don’t want to enter through my school, can I join SEFH directly?
No. You must register through your school.

How can my school sign up to participate in SEFH?
After choosing an individual to be the fair administrator for your school, contact us at to request that your school be added to Scienteer.

Is there a fee to register for SEFH?
Yes, each entry (either team or individual) requires a fee of $35.

Are teams still allowed in SEFH?
Yes, teams are still allowed. However, there is no longer a teams division. Team entries will be judged alongside individual entries. A maximum of three students can make up a team.

What grades can participate in the science fair?
There are two divisions for the science fair:

1) The junior division is for 6th-8th grade,

2) The senior division is for 9th-12th grade.

Can teammates be in different grades?
Yes, teams from the Senior division may be composed of students from grades 9-12, and teams from the Junior division may be composed of students from grades 6-8.

When and where can I see SEFH winners?
Winners will be announced at the award ceremony on Saturday, February 22. After the award ceremony, winners can be seen by following a link from the SEFH home page –

Where can I learn about the International Science Engineering Fair (ISEF)?
Information for ISEF can be found HERE.

Where can I find information on creating SEFH Competition materials?
For more information on what materials must be submitted tp SEFH by February 5, please visit:

More information for this section coming soon… Hold tight as we finalize

How do I become a judge for SEFH?
Prospective judges may fill out the Place Award Judge Application located under the Judge Application Tab.

What should I do if I can’t get my students registered into Scienteer?
For help registering into Scienteer, please follow the Student Guide and Quick Start Guide.

When is SRC approval needed for a research study?
An SRC must review and approve most projects involving human participants, vertebrate animals, and potentially hazardous biological agents. If a project involves the testing of a student designed invention, prototype or concept by a human, an IRB review and approval may be required prior to experimentation. See Human Participant Rules for details.

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